Stroma Built Environment provides comprehensive consultancy services for acoustic design and noise assessments across the UK. We offer UKAS-accredited sound insulation testing for a wide range of sectors and client projects. Check our UKAS accreditation for more information.

Acoustic Testing and Consultancy

Stroma Built Environment provides acoustic consultancy services across the entire RIBA stages of a construction project. We provide architects and design teams with initial strategy reviews and appraisals of architectural drawings, along with design advice including detailed Stage 3 and 4 design reviews. We also offer noise assessments for Planning and noise and vibration chapters for Environmental Assessments.

Our experienced consultants can evaluate proposed wall and floor construction / details to identify the risks of non-compliance. They will then advise improvements to meet Approved Document E and any project-specific acoustic requirements. We provide UKAS-Accredited sound insulation testing in accordance with Approved Document E regulations, offering:

  • Acoustic design support throughout the construction lifecycle.
  • A nationwide team to reduce lead times, offering highly competitive fees.
  • Acoustic expertise across the entire range of sectors including education, residential, healthcare, commercial, retail, and more.
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Noise, Dust and Vibration Monitoring 

Stroma Built Environment works closely with clients to assess potential impacts, identify cost-effective solutions, and advise on appropriate methods of noise, dust and vibration monitoring and mitigation for demolition, construction, and infrastructure projects across the UK. We provide professional consultancy under COPA Section 61 compliance, working to ensure our clients adhere to National Standards, Policy, and Planning Frameworks, Local Authority Planning Conditions, and any other environmental regulations or requirements. We can help:


  • Provide cost and time efficiencies by mitigating unnecessary restrictions and conditions which may increase costs.
  • Reduce potential for complaints and / or claims from third parties which may lead to penalties and/or litigation.
  • Avoiding formal action which can lead to poor reputation / record which could impact future tenders.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is acoustic testing?

Acoustic testing measures the transmission of noise through walls, floors, ceilings and other structures. Pre-completion acoustic testing is a mandatory requirement for Building Regulations Part E on domestic developments and for most commercial developments containing bedrooms (rooms for residential purposes).

This service is also a requirement for various other building types such as Schools (BB93), Hospitals (HTM 08-01) and often various other building types with strict acoustic performance criteria such as cinemas, theatres and auditoriums.

In addition, pre-completion acoustic testing can be carried out to achieve BREEAM credits within Hea 05. 

What is a noise impact assessment?

A noise assessment typically involves predicting whether a proposed development or project will result in adverse impacts on the public and wildlife because of noise or vibrations. Furthermore the assessment can also determine the suitability of the site in relation to the impact from existing noise sources. Most assessments require a qualified acoustic consultant to visit your site and measure existing background noise levels.

How long does a noise assessment take?

Many noise assessments can take anywhere between a few days to a few months to complete depending on the requirements and complexity of the project.

Who needs acoustic consultant services?

An acoustic consultant is required by anybody involved in the planning, design and construction of a development. This would include local authorities, architects, M&E consultants, main contractors and sub-contractors. At Stroma Built Environment our acoustics consultants operate nationwide on a wide variety of projects throughout the RIBA stages.  

Who may undertake an acoustic assessment?

Noise assessments for planning, BREEAM and building regulations should be carried out by Suitably Qualified Acoustician (SQA). At Stroma Built Environment, our acousticians are members of the Institution of Acoustics and are SQA.   

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