Stroma Specialist Access provide IRATA qualified rope access inspection teams for BD97/12 Levels 1 and 2 Scour Assessments. Enabling data to be surveyed and collected to determine the risk ratings of the riverbed, nearby structures, and environmental factors.

Services include:

  • Topographic survey of the bridge and its existing scour foundations and surrounding riverbed.
  • Geotechnical information and testing of bridge foundations and the riverbed to determine whether undercutting of abutments or piers is likely.
  • A hydrological analysis to determine extreme flows within the river channel.
  • A hydraulic model of the watercourse to determine the velocity of water running through the bridge structure during peak flow if not already available.
  • Removal of the debris deposited during flood events, including when the river is in spate.
Specialist Access Expert, Assessing Bridge Foundations
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