Stroma Built Environment work with design teams from the start through to final testing to provide a range of energy performance services that meet BREEAM requirements as well as daylight and sunlight assessments to; meet energy targets, reduce CO2 emissions, and save on construction costs.

Energy Modelling, Analysis and Calculations

Stroma Built Environment provides a range of accredited energy guidance services all aimed at helping reduce CO2 Emissions and help combat high energy consumption within both domestic and commercial buildings to reduce procurement costs, gain project efficiencies and achieve full compliance and sustainability targets for your project. Services include:

  • white tick icon Energy modelling
  • white tick icon Energy statements
  • white tick icon Overheating analysis
  • white tick icon SAP calculations
  • white tick icon SBEM & DSM Calculations
  • white tick icon Embodied and Whole life Carbon Assessments
  • white tick icon Circular Economy Statements

BREEAM Support

Stroma Built Environment have achieved BREEAM excellent and outstanding status for clients having certified over 450 projects in a variety of sectors, including education, offices, industrial, multi-residential, retail, government buildings, healthcare, domestic and refurbishments. The aim of BREEAM support services is to reduce building costs, improve quality, and achieve better energy functionality for the building owner. Including:

  • white tick icon Life Cycling Costing (LCC) analyses the construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement costs for the whole life of the building.
  • white tick icon Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) details the full Carbon debt for a proposed scheme. A review can be made between key construction elements to limit the embodied Carbon within a building.

Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Stroma Built Environment provides Daylight and Sunlight Assessments to maximise a development’s environmental quality, building energy performance and occupier comfort, maximising the use of natural light and minimising potential impacts to existing levels of daylight and sunlight to neighbouring properties. Including:

  • white tick icon Daylight Assessment simulations for complex commercial buildings to determine daylight factors and daylight distribution analysis
  • white tick icon Overshadowing Assessments for new developments to support planning applications
  • white tick icon Average Daylight Factor for new and existing buildings to highlight where adequate levels of sunlight should be attainable.
  • white tick icon Sunlight Assessment calculations to estimate the annual amount of sunlight for a given window
  • white tick icon Maximum Envelope Calculations during early planning to support Developers in space utilisation vs daylight & sunlight restriction.

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