Stroma Built Environment works closely with design teams from the start through to final testing. We provide a comprehensive set of energy performance services that meet BREEAM requirements. Our experts will help you meet your energy targets, reduce CO2 emissions, and save on construction costs.

Energy Management Throughout Design, Construction & Final Testing

Energy Management Consultancy offers support for all stages of a project. We provide a wide range of early design stage services, right through to construction and final testing for compliance. Working as part of your design team, our guidance can help you meet energy targets set out by planning authorities and building regulations. Our assessments also assist in meeting energy ratings set out in BREEAM, The London Plan, and other regulatory standards.

Our energy performance services span residential, public, and commercial developments. We have provided domestic and non-domestic projects with SAP and SBEM calculations, EPCs, thermal bridging, and Daylight and Sunlight Assessments.

We also help landlords, building owners, and occupants identify causes of poor energy efficiency. This is essential for informing remedial solutions to improve comfort and performance.

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Our Energy Performance Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the principles of BREEAM?

BREEAM is a globally recognised standard for the best practice in sustainable building design, construction, and operation. It aims to encourage the use of more sustainable resources, energy efficiency, and the repurposing of buildings and materials.

Is SAP the same as an EPC?

The Standard Energy Procedure (SAP) is a measurement of the energy and environmental performance of a dwelling. It is used to determine compliance with energy and carbon requirements defined by current building regulations. Once a SAP calculation has been established, it can be used to form an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

What is the difference between DSM and SBEM?

Simplified Building Energy Models (SBEM) calculate the monthly energy use and carbon emissions of a building before and after its construction. These calculations are made in reference to the building's construction, HVAC, geometry, and lighting.

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) goes beyond SBEM by using hourly weather data with time stop control. DSM is generally used for more complex structures which cannot be modelled accurately enough with SBEM.

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