Stroma Built Environment has achieved BREEAM excellent and outstanding status for clients, certifying over 450 building projects in sectors including educational, industrial, multi-residential, retail, government, and healthcare, as well as domestic buildings, offices, and refurbishments.

BREEAM Support from Early Design Stages

Your dedicated assessor will work with your design team from the early stages to advise on sustainable design and environmental performance elements to achieve your desired rating.

What to expect from our BREEAM support services:

  • Consultancy: for expert guidance and advice.
  • Pre-Assessment: an appraisal of elements to be incorporated into the detailed design and cost plan.
  • Design Stage: the project is assessed against the credit criteria, and a certificate is issued based on evidence supplied by your design team.
  • Post Construction: after a site inspection and final assessment, the report and certificate are presented, documenting your achieved rating.
the outside of a school

BREEAM Certification

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is an internationally recognised method for evaluating buildings and neighbourhoods. It considers a variety of environmental factors, including energy use, water consumption, materials used, and waste management systems.

All new developments in the UK must adhere to the strict legal criteria of meeting BREEAM standards to comply with building regulations and be granted planning permission. This ensures that all new construction meets certain environmental requirements, helping reduce their environmental impact while protecting public health.

Achieving BREEAM certification enables you to provide clear evidence of a building’s sustainability performance and can help inform design decisions that reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. In addition, by meeting standards, project owners may be eligible for financial incentives or other rewards when developing their projects.

Maximise your BREEAM Credits

As your single BREEAM provider, we offer a range of services to help you earn more credits under multiple categories for a higher standard of rating. You can earn several discounts on your overall fee by choosing to complete more than one of our related services:

solar panels on a building
  • Management: BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP) and Thermography
  • Health & Wellbeing: Daylight Calculations, Air Quality Assessments, Thermal Modelling, and Acoustics
  • Energy: SBEM/DSM/SAP, Air Tightness Testing, LZC Feasibility Study
  • Transport: Desktop Studies
  • Water: Water Efficiency Calculations
  • Materials: Life Cycle Assessment for Mat 21 credits
  • Land Use & Ecology: Contaminated Land Investigation, including Site Investigation and Risk Assessment
  • Pollution: Noise Impact Assessment

BREEAM Services

Our BREEAM support services aim to reduce building costs, improve quality, and achieve better energy functionality for the building owner.

You can use these to demonstrate compliance with planning applications by Local Authorities.

Our services include:

  • Life Cycling Costing (LCC) analyses the construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement costs for the whole life of the building.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) details the full carbon debt for a proposed scheme. A review can be made between key construction elements to limit the embodied carbon within a building.
windows externally of a building with various lit offices

Services procured during early RIBA stages, such as Air Quality Assessments, BREEAM pre-assessments, and Life Cycle Costing, can deliver significant savings. For example, credits earned in pre-planning cost an average of £760, compared to £14,000 during the construction and handover phases.


Whether it's a Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, or the ultimate achievement of Outstanding, a BREEAM rating is the industry standard for showcasing your commitment to a better built environment.

Credits are awarded in each of the assessed areas and added together to give a final rating. A higher BREEAM rating indicates better environmental performance or that sustainable design initiatives have been incorporated into a construction project.

Achieving a higher rating will help you:

  • Increase your development’s marketability
  • Meet the highest standards of sustainability
  • Reduce your running costs
  • Enhance your reputation

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