Stroma Built Environment provides comprehensive air quality assessment services for residential and commercial projects.

We support clients from the early stages of development, identifying air quality risks and achieving mitigation and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) targets to the necessary regulatory standards.

Our Air Quality Assessment Services 

Poor air quality poses a significant number of risks to people’s health and well-being, from minor symptoms to serious illness. In various circumstances, natural gases, emissions, exhaust fumes, pollen, and many other conditions can create uncomfortable or unsafe environments for occupants. 

By understanding air quality risks in the early stages of development, our specialists can work with you to meet government targets and achieve regulatory compliance. From planning applications and design stages through to the entire construction lifecycle – our air quality assessment services will ensure the safety and comfort of any future building occupants. 

  • Early-stage design reviews to reduce costly risks throughout construction
  • Interpretation of changing air quality & environmental legislation to generate lifetime value
  • Air quality services deployed from pre-planning through to construction & operation
a man conducting an air quality test outside

Air Quality Assessments for Planning Applications 

Working closely with Local Authorities, our air quality consultants support clients with planning applications where air quality is a necessary consideration, including developments within Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). 

Our air quality assessment services include: 

  • Desktop reviews of air quality using existing monitoring data
  • Identifying receptors that are affected by the development
  • On-site monitoring of air quality to provide baseline data
  • Air dispersion modelling of transport & plant emissions as agreed with Local Authority
  • Air quality monitoring during construction / operation
  • Air quality mitigation measures for the design, location & operation of the development
  • Air quality assessments of the construction phase, including detailed mitigation plans

Following the air quality assessment, our team will deliver a detailed report to upload into the Planning Portal. We then offer a mitigation statement on how to reduce air quality risks and support planning applications. 

Mitigation statements will help to assess and monetise the local emissions from development to determine the required mitigation measures and reduce potential impacts on the local environment. 

Air Quality Assessment

Air Quality Monitoring Services Throughout the Construction Lifecycle 

Air quality risk assessments are available throughout the construction lifecycle. These are an important part of identifying air quality risks from on-site activities and recommending measures for the Construction Environmental Management Plan. 

Our services include: 

  • Air quality exposure & impact assessments
  • Air quality neutral assessments
  • Air quality low emission mitigation strategies
  • Air Quality Dust Risk Assessments (AQDRAs) & Air Quality Dust Management Plans (AQDMPs)
  • Method statements on the reduction of vehicle emissions
  • Air quality positive statement
  • Dust, PM10 and air quality monitoring
  • Odour risk assessments

“Air Quality Neutral Assessments can also be provided to help major new developments in London comply with the London Plan. Our consultancy and assessment services compare building and transport emissions against a benchmarked emission rate to help clients comply with the requirements of the London Plan.” 

JAMES COLLARD - Air Quality Consultant 

Stroma for Air Quality Assessments 

Stroma’s experts in air quality compliance offer clients the assurance they need to progress with planning applications and see projects through to completion. Acting as your technical partner, we can work together to ensure your developments meet regulatory standards and support the safety of future occupants. 

Stroma Built Environment and its team of experts are here ready to discuss a range of packages for any new project. Get in touch today! 


What is the importance of air quality assessments?

Poor air quality can greatly affect people’s health and well-being, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, emphysema, or COPD. 

During the construction of major developments, many activities can negatively impact the air quality of the area with pollutants such as dust and exhaust fumes. Air quality assessments ensure the health and safety of future occupants by identifying risks and implementing mitigation strategies. 

When do you need an air quality assessment?

The Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) legislation requires every UK local authority to regularly review the air quality in their areas. Consequently, air quality assessments and mitigation measures are often a requirement for the planning permission of any major development. This is especially the case in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). 

What is included in an air quality assessment?

The level of detail of an air quality assessment will depend on the scale and type of development and any findings that may require further investigation.  

At the very least, a basic air quality assessment will include a review of the air quality around the site, an assessment of the impact of the air quality during construction, an estimated number of receptors expected to be exposed to poor air quality because of the development, and necessary mitigation measures. 

How long does an air quality assessment take?

Different development projects will require varying stages of air quality assessments, monitoring, and mitigation. These can range from simple on-site testing methods that take a few hours, to thorough assessments that take three months of monitoring. Speak to our team for guidance regarding your next project.