Stroma Built Environment delivers precise Drone Surveys using specialist UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and drone technology. Our team will complete a drone site survey more efficiently than a traditional survey, ensuring unrivalled accuracy in data collection and reporting. 

What Is Involved in a Drone Site Survey? 

Drone surveys are now recognised as a valuable approach to asset data collection for prospective and existing building sites. By removing the need for manual and “at-height” assessments, a drone site survey greatly reduces risk to assessors while ensuring quick, precise data gathering. 

Drones can be deployed rapidly and enable asset managers to manage, analyse, and utilise their infrastructure information using ultra-high definition 4k imaging. Our drone site surveys are also suitable for difficult-to-see areas, helping our clients make faster, assured decisions regarding their developments. 

Drone Site Survey

Drone Site Survey: UAV Technology 

Our CAA-accredited drone pilots have many years of experience in conducting drone site survey services on prospective building sites and in-use buildings. Employing the latest UAV technology, our surveys deliver numerous benefits to the client. 

  • Fast deployment – so projects can be actioned at short notice
  • More ground is covered in less time – making it an effective solution for larger sites
  • Reduces the need for multiple site visits – minimising costs & Health & Safety risks
  • Provides high-definition photographs – supporting ongoing planning progress
  • Delivers highly accurate volumetrics – for effective site / building data management

Drone Site Survey for Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) 

Drone site surveys are a growth area in the field of rail, highway, and building inspections. At Stroma, we work closely with many large infrastructure managers, including Highways England and Network Rail, to enhance traditional I&M techniques with new technology. 

Our drone site survey expertise also extends to our sister company, Stroma Specialist Access – one of the UK’s leading providers of difficult access inspections and maintenance services. Together, we can deliver immense value for a wide client base. 

Drone Site Survey Services from Stroma Built Environment 

Stroma Built Environment is proud to be a leader in the integration of technology across our entire service portfolio. While drone surveys are generally more quick, cost-effective, and safe than traditional, manual surveys, we make the most of both – using the latest drone technology as a tool to complement our traditional survey provision. 

Led by the same highly skilled technical consultancy team, our drone site surveys deliver unrivalled accuracy, reliability, and value for our clients so they can maximise how they create and maintain their building data. 

two men flying a drone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drone survey?

A drone site survey involves the use of an aerial drone to capture data for a specified site. They are equipped with RGB / multispectral cameras or LiDAR scanners to combine information and imagery to yield accurate 2D and 3D maps of the designated area. Results can then be analysed to inform development design and maintenance strategies. 

How long does a drone survey take?

It typically takes between 45 minutes and 2 hours to complete a drone site survey – depending on the size and complexity of the property or site. Following the survey, the consultants will spend several hours compiling the report and assessing the findings. 

How accurate is a drone survey?

The accuracy of a drone site survey depends on several factors, including drone type, flight height, weather, and camera quality. Commercial-grade survey drones can gather data within 0.5cm – 2cm accuracy. 

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