At Stroma Built Environment, we conduct comprehensive Topographical Surveys to help you minimise environmental impacts and secure planning permission for your project. Our team carries out GPS and laser scanning technology to deliver accurate CAD digital representations for new-build residential projects and large-scale commercial sites.

We understand the importance of environmental sustainability and compliance. By working with clients from the initial concept stage, we can ensure that sustainability is an essential design consideration for new and existing building projects

What is a Topographical Survey?

Topographical surveys, also known as topographic surveys, provide our clients with an accurate and detailed spatial representation of their site layout.

They include all the natural and man-made features relating to your site, as well as:

  • Road markings
  • Car parking
  • Service covers
  • Street furniture
  • Drainage features
  • Natural gradients
  • Trees and other vegetation
  • Surrounding buildings (ridge and eave heights)
  • Water channels (ponds, streams, and lakes)

A topographical survey is often the first step when buying, developing, or evaluating land. They are suitable for a wide range of project sizes across multiple sectors and building types and can be used throughout the entire project lifecycle. These surveys are ideal in conjunction with utility maps, measured building surveys, and site engineering schemes.

By utilising the latest surveying technology, including laser scanning and drone survey methods, we offer a start-to-finish solution to help clients gain the information they need to plan and execute their next project.

topographical land surveying

Topographical Surveys by Stroma Built Environment

Here at Stroma Built Environment, our topographical surveys start with an inspection of your land. We use leading technology to accurately assess and measure your project space. This allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient solution for the specific requirements of your given project.

The next phase of our measured land survey process is to create existing floor plans, sections, and elevations based on the initial digital survey. The level of detail in these surveys depends on your project needs – we can produce highly detailed construction surveys or basic lease plan surveys.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, providing each client with topographical drawings tailored to their specification. This can include different layering systems and drawing scales, which we can then deliver in any format you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a topographic survey show?

A topographical survey gathers data about the natural and man-made features of the given land, as well as its terrain. This includes permanent features such as buildings, fences, car parking, road markings, trees, and bodies of water, as well as drainage systems, service covers, and land contours.

Do I need a topographical survey?

Topographical surveys can be carried out at any stage of a project to give a clear indication of the arrangements of an existing site. This information can be used to make decisions on the planning of new buildings, repositioning of existing boundaries, the design of drainage systems, and more. Talk to one of our team to find out if you need a topographical survey.

How long does a topographic survey take?

The duration of a topographical survey depends on the size and complexity of the proposed site and project. Once the site has been surveyed, it typically takes a few days for findings to be drawn up and sent over.

How much does a topographical survey cost?

In the UK, topographical surveys usually cost between £300 and £1000 for a day’s work in the field. After the surveyor has returned from the site, an additional cost to draw up the survey findings will cost between £300 and £600 per day.

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