1.0 Introduction

You should complete this form if you want Stroma to supply you with a copy of any personal data Stroma holds about you.

You are currently entitled to receive this information under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and will continue to be under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Stroma will also provide you with information about any processing of your personal data that is being carried out, the retention periods which apply to your personal data, and any rights to rectification, erasure, or restriction of processing that may exist.

Stroma will endeavour to respond promptly and in any event within one month at the latest of the following:

- Our receipt of your written request; or
- Our receipt of any further information Stroma may ask you to provide to enable us to comply with your request.

The information you provide us within this subject access request form will only be used for the purposes of identifying the personal data you are requesting and responding to your request.

You do not have to complete this form to make a request, but doing so will make it easier for us to process your request quickly. For alternative methods of submitting a request please refer to the Stroma website or call 0345 621 1111.

2.0 Personal Information

Please provide Stroma with the following personal information.

Contact Details

3.0 Are you the Data Subject?

Please tick the appropriate box and follow the applicable guidance notes made available.

3.1 Identity Information

To ensure that Stroma are releasing data to the right person, we require you to provide us with proof of your identity and of your address.

Please supply Stroma with a photocopy or scanned image (do not send the originals) of one of both of the

1) Proof of Identity
Passport, photo driving licence, national identity card, birth certificate.

2) Proof of Address
Utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement (no more than 3 months old);
current driving licence; current TV licence; local authority tax bill, HMRC tax document (no more than 1 year old).

If Stroma are not satisfied you are who you claim to be, we reserve the right to refuse to grant your request.

You are able to upload a file of multiple documents. Please can you ensure that all documents are clearly labelled so we can be certain what they are and who they are applicable to. You can upload PDF, DOCS, PNG, and JPG

Alternatively you can post your identification to us using the following details:

FAO Mark Rollins-Mann QHSE Director, Stroma, 6 Silkwood Business Park, Fryers Way, Wakefield, Ossett WF5 9TJ

Due to the sensitive nature of the documents being sent to us, please ensure that these are sent registered so a signature of receipt is required. This way you will be able to track the package and know when it has arrived.

Subject Name

3.2 Details about the Data Subject

Subject Name
Subject Address
Subject Contact Details

4.0 Information Request Details

Please provide details of the information you are seeking from Stroma.

Please note that if the information you request reveals details directly or indirectly about another person Stroma will have to seek the consent of that person before we can let you see that information.

In certain circumstances, where disclosure would adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others, Stroma may not be able to disclose the information to you, in which case you will be
informed promptly and given full reasons for that decision.

While in most cases Stroma will be happy to provide you with copies of the information you request, Stroma nevertheless reserve the right, in accordance with section 8(2) of the DPA, not to provide you with copies of information requested if to do so would take “disproportionate effort”, or in accordance with Article 12 of the GDPR to charge a fee or refuse the request if it is considered to be “manifestly unfounded or excessive”. However, Stroma will make every effort to provide you with a satisfactory form of access or summary of information if suitable.

5.0 Collection and Processing of Data

If you would like information from Stroma concerning any of the following, please tick the appropriate box(e)s:

6.0 Declaration

Produced By:
Mr Mark Rollins-Mann - QHSE Director

Authorised By:
Mr Calum Malcolm - IT Director

On behalf of the Stroma

Issued Date: 22/04/2022
Issue Revision: v1.1