17 Apr, 2022

With on-demand and bespoke CPD content available, we can help you fulfil annual CPD requirements, learn a new skill, or refresh your existing knowledge on a variety of topics across the industry. Take a look at what we have on offer:

Brand New CPD Content

Building Regulations Part L1 Update (30mins)

Director of Energy Services, Andy Mitchell, hosts an on-demand CPD on Part L1 of the updated Building Regulations for England and Wales.

Building Regulations Part L2 Update

A short CPD on Part L2 of the updated Building Regulations. Available on request - email marketing@stroma.com.

Introduction of Part O and Part F Update

A conversation of the Updated Building Regulations, focussing on Part O (Overheating) and Part F (Ventilation). Available on request - email marketing@stroma.com.

On-demand CPD

Environmental Monitoring (60mins)

Phil McIlwain, Associate Director – Acoustics at Stroma Built Environment, delivers an external CPD covering an explanation of Noise, Vibration, and Dust (NVD) Monitoring services.

Future Homes Standard (60mins)

Andy Mitchell delivers a CPD discussing the consultation regarding energy efficiency measures in dwellings from 2025.

The Importance of Air Quality (60mins)

Providing an explanation of how Air Quality Assessments are taken James Browne, Head of PPCS, examines the impacts of poor air quality and potential mitigation measures.

Summer Overheating: TM59 (60mins)

With the climate set to become warmer, Andy Mitchell covers Summer Overheating, discussing the model for assessing overheating in dwellings.

Acoustic Design in Buildings (60mins)

In a CPD on Acoustic Design, Ian Wallbank, Director of Air Tightness and Acoustic Services, discusses factors influencing the performance of a building and how to optimize the space.

An Introduction to Thermography (50mins)

James Browne covers the fundamentals and the principles of thermal imaging and its use for buildings, civils, and electricals.

Construction Air Quality & BREEAM Indoor Air Quality (60mins)

James Browne delivers a 1-hour CPD, discussing construction impacts on Air Quality and how Indoor Air Quality can be used to claim BREEAM credits.

Bespoke CPD

We offer bespoke CPD courses for groups of 8 or more. If you would like a dedicated session for your team, please get in touch on 01924 237 500 or email sales-wakefield@stroma.com.