06 Apr, 2022
Car Traffic Jam

The Government has recently launched two consultations on proposals to help local authorities to tackle poor air quality and ensure that air quality standards are met in our communities.

The first consultation intends to gather views on increased engagement between communities and their local authorities, and an increased focus on the impact of air quality on people’s health. The second consultation proposes to designate National Highways in order to ensure more consistent collaboration with local authorities to reduce road pollution.

Local authorities have a legal obligation to monitor, assess, and act to improve air quality and are best placed, with community knowledge and connections, to identify issues and provide solutions specific to their area. The two measures are designed to significantly contribute to the successful implementation of Air Quality Action Plans (AQAP) and builds on wider action to tackle air quality, including the recent launch of a consultation on targets under the Environmental Act.

The statutory Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) guidance being consulted following this announcement will help local authorities, by outlining the various elements they should consider to ensure the overall air quality objectives are achieved.

For more information, please visit the Government website.