26 Oct, 2020

Stroma Specialist Access have recently completed de-vegetation works on Marsden Moor with the help of a helicopter. The works on Marsden Moor have removed packages of rhododendron which is considered an invasive species for the National Trust and Moors for the Future initiative.

This spectacular service took place while Group CEO Martin Holt, Managing Director Steve Horrocks and HR Director Jonathan Gallie were in attendance to see SSA rope access technicians carry out the de vegetation works for our client.

Stroma Specialist Access provides de-vegetation and Geotechnical services for rail and highways infrastructure across the country. Our specialist, cost-effective vegetation removal works ensure the usability and safety of the rail and highways networks.

Our capabilities include the removal of vegetation, site clearance works, station vegetation clearance, removing fly tip material, structural vegetation clearance, tree-felling, removal of large trees, herbicide treatments, tree surveys, chipping, branch removal, invasive species control and rock slope descaling.

“The works have involved cutting, spraying and removal via rope access along with aerial lifting via helicopter to remove material from the most inaccessible areas. The removal of the invasive rhododendron will allow native plants to flourish and increase the health and biodiversity of the whole area.”

Ben Mitchell, Operations Manager, Stroma Specialist Access

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